GMD group is manufacturing a range of sterilized absorbable and non-absorbable surgical sutures DAMADIOXANONE Features: DAMADIOXANONE suture is absorbable monofilament suture. DAMADIOXANONE suture have good knot security feature. DAMADIOXANONE suture have high smoothness and softness which improve suture passage through tissue without any tissue trauma. DAMADIOXANONE is practical handling suture with high flexibility. DAMADIOXANONE suture have very high initial tensile strength. DAMADIOXANONE suture is Ideal for internal tissues where a long lasting, absorbable suture is preferable. DAMADIOXANONE Usage: DAMADIOXANONE suture is indicated for use in general soft tissue approximation and ligation, including use in pediatric cardiovascular tissue and ophthalmic surgery. It is also particularly useful where the combination of an absorbable suture and extended wound support (up to six weeks) is desirable. DAMADIOXANONE is not for use in microsurgery, adult cardiovascular nor neural tissues. DAMADIOXANONE suture, being absorbable, should not be used where prolonged approximation of tissue under stress is required (beyond six weeks), or in conjunction with prosthetic devices, i.e., heart valves or synthetic grafts.
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